Our Quality

Why photodecor.net?

What makes our prints stand out?  

What you put on your walls is so important.  You see it every day.  It sets the tone for the space it's in.  It should make you happy when you see it and help you think about something you love, or inspire your next adventure.

We're committed to providing only the highest quality products for you.  We created this store to help people find things they love for their homes and offices, and we wouldn't trust anything but the best for that.

Solid-Faced Strength


Solid-Faced Canvas Prints are second to none.  These prints stay strong and taut through all of life's bumps, pokes, and nudges.  The prints are solid-faced, meaning that they rest on a true backing.  They're mounted on fiberwood that is strong and durable but still lightweight. 

Most canvas prints are attached on a frame and stretched across it, with a hollow space behind the print itself.  These are fragile and prone to warping or tearing with even a small impact.  Our prints aren't invincible, but they're much more durable because of the solid backing.

Museum-Grade Quality

Our canvases are certified museum-grade.  We use top quality archival inks, designed to keep the image from fading and prevent color shifting whilst maintaining it's fine details.  The canvas itself is artist grade and OBA-free to keep only the best quality.

We've been hanging these prints since 2013. Regardless of what wall they're on or how much sun they get, they look exactly the same as the day they arrived.  All of the vibrant colors still pop, and nothing has changed about the print itself.

Tight Corners, Compact Back

A seamless finish with no staples.  These prints have a hard, sealed finished backing which protects walls from getting scratched.  

Hangs in Seconds

All you need is a nail or a screw.  It really couldn't be any easier. Once you know where the prints are going to hang, simply rest them on the nail or screw and you're done!  These prints are durable and strong, but still light enough to hang easily anywhere on your wall.

We really love these products and are so happy to share them with you!

For Our International Friends...

To achieve delivery options outside of North America, there may be some small variations in terms of hardware and construction.  However, the quality is still of the highest level and we're proud to be able to share them with you.